The reason we build Dream True is

to share knowledge in the network to help entrepreneurs build and nurture their online business

Technically, what can Dream True do for you.


Free WordPress & Joomla Modules

Easy to use membership plugin for WordPress and JOOMLA websites to start with for free.

Payment Gateway Development

If any of the payment gateway is unavailable in the plugin, and you need it, we can build it at a flat rate fee.

Subscription Model Customization

If you need anything that is non-standard of the plugin, tell us what you need, we will quote a price and build it.

Dedicated Technical Support

If you find any bugs or issues, simply raise a ticket, we will send our developers to check and fix the issues asap..

Our Story

Hence. different from OSE Membership. which is purely a technical membership software, Dream True Is a community, that everyone from different sizes business. from business owners to marketing specialist. can share their knowledge, and experiences in doing their business, implementing their online business model technically, applying their internet marketing strategies etc. Everything we discussed and share here is to help everyoneto make their dream come true. That is all Dream True about.

The Initiatives.

Dream True membership plugin is derived from OSE Membership. which was developed time 2009. OSE Membership is popular as a Joomla membership component initially, we wanted to further develop Dream True based on OSE Membership so It becomes another popular Joomla / WordPress membership plugin. HOWeVer, our mind changed. Providing a technically advanced membership plugin can help Open Source community users setup their online subscription business quickly. which Is good, but is that all this about? We think, and think, and think again. No, our answer Is no.

Knowledge Sharing.

Learning and sharing knowledges about business models, strategies, how to achieve It technically, how to do interne marketing, email marketing and affiliate marketing etc are all we are enthusiastic In. The joomla component / WordPress plugin is just one part of k mainly a technical one and a minor part of the business. The big ;picture of the business and the main business cycles are the major ones and is more vital in achieving our dreams. That's something we should care more about. That's the initiative of Dream True.


Build, Nurture, Grow with Dream True Membership Plugin