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Our Goal

is to build a platform for entrepreneurs who would like to start their online membership or subscription business that creates a stable passive income streams by using our ‘Dream True’ membership plugin, and to discuss, advise, encourage and help each others in the community so every community member can start, nurture and grow their business with the power of love from other community members.

What can you do here

Dream True is a community, not just a software vendor. The plugin Dream True Membership is only a tool, a technical one, to help everyone here to start with their membership business. We love even more to discuss business ideas, business models, email marketing strategies and tips, affiliate marketing strategies etc here and how we can use our tool to achieve the goal.
Here you are welcome to


Business owners and entrepreneurs, join the community and share your proposed business ideas and business models here, so others can advise you before starting the business.


Entrepreneurs or tech savvy professionals, once you have your business model in hand, you can find solutions here to start building the online subscription websites.


Building up a website is pretty easy with Dream True, but growing requires one being dedicated, focus, diligent and work smartly. Here you can learn from experienced entrepreneurs and marketers so you can grow your business in an innovative way.


Successful business owners, entrepreneurs, internet marketers, affiliate marketers, share your knowledge here so others can learn from your experience and grow their business.

Services and features

Your quick start online subscription solutions to build a smooth and stable income stream.


Dedicated Bundle LEARN MORE >

Dedicated Bundle includes both Dream True Premium Service and a secured high performance dedicated server. With our secured high performance dedicated server, SSL certificates are free available on all your accounts which present higher reputation to your customers and lead to higher conversion rates.

Virtual Bundle LEARN MORE >

Dream True premium service provides all advanced functions and premium features to our subscribers such as online payment API, advanced access control, integration with Mautic which helps boost your business, premium support, and a lot more. Click read more to find out the list of major functions.


Build, Nurture, Grow with Dream True Membership Plugin

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